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We’re Hiring!

Join our holistic counseling practice! We are looking for a fully licensed clinician to join our team. If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

Description of Position

The Holistic Counseling Center is a holistic counseling practice, in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, is looking for Fully Licensed Clinicians (LPC, LMSW, MLP) to see 20-30+ clients per week. We are currently offering in-office as well as virtual sessions.

We are seeking a clinician who is passionate about the mind-body connection to healing, understanding the root causes to mental health, and supporting clients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, mood instability, complex trauma/trauma, and life transitions. We’d love someone who is also passionate about working with adolescents and adults. 

We have a beautiful office space in Gas Light Village in East Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will provide administrative support, billing, marketing, scheduling of clients, office space, office supplies, utilities, and 50% of approved personal and professional development opportunities. As we believe in wellness of our clients, we also want to take care of you. We will offer benefits to taking yoga classes or additional health related classes to take care of yourself.

We are ideally looking for someone that has experience working with complex trauma/trauma, trauma informed trainings/certifications, and mind-body approaches. We want a collaborative team and would like to create an empowering and passionate practice devoted to healing and helping our community. We would like to present as a diverse and holistic practice. Ideally, we would like your experience and practice to reflect a integrative mental health approach that honors the mind-body connection as a foundation to healing.


  • Self-directed, flexible hours & work schedule
  • Ability to see clients for in-person & virtual sessions
  • Screening of client fit & scheduling will be provided
  • Rent, Billing, Marketing, Administrative Support, & Utilities included
  • 50% of CEs covered and pre-approved.
  • Yoga classes or health related practices to promote self-care of our clinicians
  • EMR provided for treatment plans and documentation
  • Beautiful private practice setting in East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Provide on-site and virtual counseling services to clients.
  • Adhere to the practice’s policies and procedures. 
  • Be consistent and timely with scheduling appointments, return phone calls/emails, and attend and participate potential meetings.
  • Adhere to  all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics, by your state license and regulatory boards.
  • Coordinate with a client’s additional providers, including primary care, psychiatrist, dietitian, school counselor, as needed.
  • Complete written records for each client, every day, including, intake notes, progress notes, treatment plans, termination notes, contact notes, and other documents that may be needed or required. Keep client files accurate and up to date.
  • Charge and collect payments, from clients, and coordinate billing and insurance reimbursement with our biller.
  • Be professional and ethical.
  • Be respectful of and cooperative and collaborative with fellow colleagues.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Identify with the mission and values of The Holistic Counseling Center.
  • Be consistent with attendance.
  • Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in psychology, counseling, or social work.
  • Have a current, active license in the State of Michigan and in good standing with the licensing board. 
  • Be able to see 15-20+ client sessions per week that are provided by The Holistic Counseling Center.
  • Be organized, timely, and somewhat tech savvy.
  • Be open to working and collaborating with colleagues.
  • Be able to be self-directed with work tasks.
  • Have strengths in communication, writing, and social skills.
  • Previous clinical experience is preferred.
  • Be open to availability in the evenings.

About the Holistic Counseling Center

We believe that therapy is an opportunity for growth and a deeper understanding of the self in a safe, collaborative, and supportive environment. We are passionate about providing evidence-based treatment that focuses on the integration of the mind-body to healing. We strive to empower clients in therapy and emphasize the importance of the therapeutic alliance. Our mission is to  explore underlying root causes impacting mental health and quality of life, by addressing areas of trauma, stress, mindfulness, nutrition, movement, emotion regulation skills, and coordination with healthcare providers for medical conditions.  

Our Values:

  • Focus on mind-on body connection
  • Optimizing brain health & empowering clients 
  • Honor of the whole person and the therapeutic relationship
  • Space to be heard, respected, and valued
  • An office space that promotes support, kindness, and relaxation
  • Encourage opportunities for education and growth

You May Be a Good Fit If You Are…

  • Passionate about the mind-body approach & addressing root causes to mental health.
  • Able to listen and be empathetic with clients and colleagues.
  • Able to set healthy boundaries with clients, staff, and work.
  • Committed to being a life-long learner and practicing regular self-care.
  • Self-aligned and open to continuous personal development.
  • Able to work in a collaborative, fun work environment.
  • Ethical and passionate about work with clients.
  • Open to constructive criticism.
  • Passionate about working with diverse populations and being inclusive.
  • Experienced in clinical work with teens & adults.