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Lilly Bonham, LMSW

Hi, I’m Lilly. I’m a licensed master social worker and therapist specializing in anxiety, adjustment to life changes, attachment, and depression. I received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and I am trained in DBT, CBT, and mindfulness. I specialize in working with teens and adults through a trauma-informed, modern approach to therapy, where I work with you to create a space where you can heal, learn and reflect, and thrive in the areas of your life that are most meaningful to you.

In both my personal and professional experiences, I have learned time and time again that we will all feel anxious, overwhelmed, or out of touch with ourselves or our life at times. However, when we find ourselves feeling that way more often than not, it may be time to check in at a deeper level. It may be that our physical body is messaging to us that we have an unmet need, or that we are experiencing the challenging symptoms of anxiety or depression in a way that is getting in the way of our happiness, our day-to-day life, our work, or our relationships.

I want you to know that you deserve more. You deserve to feel joy and peace in the here and now. You deserve to feel calm in your body and mind. I'm here with you to find freedom from overthinking, to learn to be compassionate and kind to yourself and the people you care about, and to find feelings of safety, stability, and happiness in your daily life. Together, we will address the barriers that are standing in your way.

To do that, we will work to better understand and strengthen your relationship with yourself, your use of self-talk, and how you respond to your thoughts and emotions. We will repair or build sources of support and joy, process the past, and set goals for the future you want. This may also involve identifying any areas where boundaries may be needed in order for you to feel safe and confident to pursue your life on your terms. 

I use an integrative approach to tailor each therapeutic relationship to your individual needs and goals, and I work to build a trusting relationship with each client to ensure that this therapeutic process is beneficial to you. I welcome you to come to therapy just as you are, just where you are, and we will work together to forge a meaningful path forward.


  • Clinical Therapist
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Trained
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trained
  • Mindfulness Trained
  • Certified School Social Worker


  • Anxiety
  • Attachment & Relationship Issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Stress
  • Trauma