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Nicole Vega, LMSW, CCPT, CHC, MBSR-P, EMDR Trained

As a clinician who has been in the field for over a decade; I learned to see symptoms, such as anxiety and depression as communication from our body that there is an underlying issue asking to be addressed. It is my purpose to walk with clients during their most challenging times, so that our work can be a catalyst for self-discovery and healing. As a therapist and coach, I work with clients to assist them in developing a plan to achieve their desired goals.

I have been fortunate to have been able to work in the field of mental health for many years. I have spent those years in a variety of settings including both inpatient and outpatient medical settings. I have had the privilege of being part of many multidisciplinary teams where I have been able to work with a variety of clients facing various life changes and challenges. It is this experience which has led me to believe in treating the whole person, rather than individual symptoms. I would love to have the honor to work with you and be a part of assisting you in reaching your health goals. 

I have training as a community and medical social worker, breathwork facilitator, Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner, certified health coach, EMDR therapist, and a certified clinical trauma professional. My work is founded on the principle that individuals are the experts of their own lives, and therefore their own best healers. I believe it is my role to establish a safe space where I can assist clients in focusing on their strengths and uncovering the tools needed to address what is causing them discomfort and stress in their lives; which may be manifesting as anxiety, depression, fatigue or other obstacles. 

I am also someone who has had to navigate anxiety, overwhelm, and perfectionist tendencies. I have also had to navigate chronic illness in the form of Lyme Disease and feel very passionate about working with clients who are navigating their own chronic illness. It was not only my career that has prepared me for my role as a helping professional, but my own struggles as well. I deeply know what it means to suffer and am committed to helping others through their suffering. 

 “We either live in survival or live in creation.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza


  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Breathwork Facilitator
  • Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner
  • EMDR Trained
  • Certified Health Coach