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The Healthy Brain Series Group

Learn to optimize your brain and overall well-being

Join us in a Virtual 6-week group that focuses on building a lifestyle that promotes brain health, including topics on daily wellness, nutrition, breathwork, and community. We will cover seven different daily mental activities to have healthy, optimal, gray matter, in the brain, to promote healthy brain functioning.

This first group is "Class 1 - The Healthy Mind Platter: daily living activities to optimize your brain." Class 1 will be a closed group, 10 members maximum. $75 cash rate per group. We accept HSA and FSA and will provide a superbill for insurance reimbursement.

The first class, in the series, will begin September 2023, on Mondays at 6pm. The group will be both educational and interactive, with processing contained to the session material.

This group is appropriate for teenagers+ who are interested in learning more about what else is involved in mental health besides counseling and medication; who are wanting to get more balance in their lives; and who are ready and wanting to do more about their mental health outside of the therapy sessions.

Please contact us today to enroll in our healthy brain series to live your optimal life.